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Kay Awaad
Phil Anderson
Mickey Van Dyke
Team Founders

We picked a name that says it all.

BAJA  is our home and during races it             becomes our battle ground.

RACE  racing is our passion and our                  business.

Team  is what define us. We share the              Ride, the Fun and the Glory.

Shortly after moving to Baja and starting to race, we recognized the need for a service that would help close the gap between the professional Baja racer and the typical desert race fan. A service that would provide someone from New York, Germany or Dubai the same opportunity as someone from California or Arizona. We at Baja race team work hard to make Baja racing more affordable and accessible to all.


BAJA RACE TEAM is dedicated to promote Desert Racing and Baja California as its world’s capital.

The biggest small team in the world

We are a multi-national race team based in San Felipe, Baja California Mexico. We compete in long distance desert racing like the Baja 500 and the Baja 1000 and other smaller races.

As our mission dictates, we are an open team, anyone who love racing as much as we do, is welcome to join the team and get a closer look at desert racing and try it if they want to.

Over the past few years, we were overwhelmed by the support we received from people who joined us as sponsors, drivers,  co- drivers and pit crews. We were able to help many people try racing for the first time, most of them loved the experience, many came back to race again and few swore never to do it again.

Meet some of the brave men and women who  made Baja race team their team.