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SAN Felipe is a remote desert community of about 25,000 people that sits on the shores of the Sea of Cortez, known in the United States as the Gulf of California. It enjoys the benefits of a temperate, dry, winter climate, and a hot, humid summer.

San Felipe was founded in 1916 as a small fishing port. Although the town is still home to a sizeable shrimp-fishing fleet of small pangas, the principal source of income has changed over the past fifteen years from fishing to tourism to retirement living and real estate, with as many as 250,000 American and Canadian visitors annually.

San Felipe Baja 250 race and the shrimp festival represents the two biggest yearly events.

San Felipe became quite the destination for desert racing and off-road enthusiast from the United States due to its proximity from California and Arizona.

The local mix of Mexicans and Gringos follow and participate in the many off-road events held in and around town.